Your thoughts are the center of your success

The stress is scared of me. I'm in the same room!

Maybe you know the following situation. You are facing a mountain of challenges (let's call it problems in a nice way). You are constantly stressed. The challenges are not getting smaller and less. Due to the constant stress which our brain generates, we become nervous and irritable. And in the end, we are no longer able to find a solution to the situation. Some of us react in such a state with either abandonment or extreme irritability. Stress hormones flood the areas in our brain with stress hormones such as cortisol, and this impairs our ability to solve complex problems.

No matter what feelings we develop afterward. Irritability or seclusion. We are in danger of losing the belief that we can change the situation. We become hopeless and eventually we give up!

But how do we first of all not get into this situation and if we are in it, to get out again? First, as with everything, is the will to change. The belief and self-confidence that we are the strongest force in a difficult situation will come by itself. So how do you solve such situations? Here is a step-by-step plan for what you can do to make the problems scared of you and not the other way around.

1.) Visualize realistic ideal situation. You are now in this stressful situation and want to regain control over the situation? For now, ignore your feelings, which stress you so much. Imagine the feelings and emotions that you would like to have in this situation. For example, the feeling of dominating everything. To be proud of mastering the moment in a grandiose way. Yes, use such great words when you talk to yourself just like those sentences.

2.) Create solutions. Now you know of yourself that you can easily master any situation move on to the next step. Think about the solutions you can think of to achieve the emotional state you described in point one. Be creative. Everything is allowed. Even if some thoughts seem crazy to you at first. Bring it on! You will see that the most unusual thoughts will bring the most success. One thought might be that you shower coldly to show yourself how fearless you are. Or you go down to the cellar and scream your soul out of your body. Or you buy a bunch of flowers and put them on your desk. The biggest one you can find.

3.) How to plan. Now that you're bubbling over with ideas, you'll move on to the next step. You are now planning the implementation of your solution proposals. Where could the next cellar be to scream? Or where is the nearest flower shop so you can turn your desk into a giant flower meadow? Should a plan not be feasible. Do not worry. You created enough plans in step two. One of your grandiose ideas can certainly be implemented now.

4) Implementation. The fourth and final step is pretty easy. You just go and put your plan into action. Only courage. Nothing can stop you anymore. The stress has already gone, because you scared it by your previous actions, that the stress has taken the distance by itself.

You can use this 4-step plan anytime, anywhere when you are in a stressful situation. That could be a job interview. A fight in your private environment. Or at your job, the work and the tasks you are currently facing becoming more and more and you feel more and more overwhelmed. By dealing with thoughts that are absolutely positive for you, you will distract yourself from the negative situation. With the planning and the subsequent implementation, you will focus more and more on what you enjoy. And most importantly, with the implementation itself, you will prove yourself how great you are. What they already knew anyway.

So show the stress and the fear and all negative feelings which is the boss in the room here. I already know the answer. It is you! There is no doubt about that.

If you feel like it, you can also send me your suggested solutions. I am very curious.

All the best


Peter Gastberger

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