What does the lion care what the antelopes think?

How to become a high flyer with the right self-guidance.

Maybe you know that too. There are some days when we are already exhausted and tired at the beginning of the day. We are very happy to work and look forward to the colleagues in work. We do our best work and private, but instead of approaching it with a zest for life we ​​are tired and exhausted.


There may be some reasons why we feel that way today. Yes, also stressful situations in the job as well as in the private life sometimes throw us to the ground. But it is rather secondary which environmental influences push us down. It is rather important how we deal with it. Because think of a lion. He never hesitate about his power.

Many of us often tend to criticize ourselves when in distressing situations. At the moment we have stress we begin to berate and accuse us. Even before we bring our anger to the outside. Without consciously perceiving it, we attack ourselves. But our "built-in" mechanism immediately goes into the defense mode in such a situation. But now it begins a cycle of us more and more into negative. We build a defense, and we attack us more to crack this defense bar. We build more defense again and so on. Without noticing the dangerous situation, we come more and more into this negative spiral. And that's why we're tired after getting up. Because this spiral also does not stops at night when we are sleeping.

The result of attacking and defending ourselves creates stress. This stress is usually accompanied by very deep emotions like shame and guilt. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult to approach the problem in a rational and constructive way.

Our basic personality plays a role here as well. Are we tempted to eat everything inside ourselves or are we going to give these attacks that are actually against us to the outside and start attacking our colleagues, friends or family.

The outbreak of the attack

To dissolve this attack and defense cycle only helps to start a loving conversation with ourselves. Dealing with ourselves is important. And in a sympathetic and loving way. But how does that work? Here are the most important 9 points you can use next time to support yourself.

  1. Sit back and take a few deep breaths. Look for a quiet place and if it is the toilet in the company. Stay undisturbed for a few minutes.

  2. When breathing, try not to think about the problem and the negative feelings that are in you.

  3. Think of something you have done very well lately. It does not necessarily have anything to do with your current situation. No matter what, remember what you did well.

  4. Praise again for this and be proud of yourself.

  5. Stretch and physically pat your shoulder and say, "You did that well, I'm proud of you!"

  6. Pardon yourself for being so unfair to you, and promise that next time you'll pay more attention to yourself.

  7. Accept the apology and smile

  8. Get up, stretch your arms away from each other (this is called Power Pose) and say. I am the best and proud of myself.

  9. Well, go back and continue your action.

What you have done now is that you have acknowledged your self-worth. You have recognized it through the mechanism of self-care. You are closest to yourself and it is only you who are in control of how much you feel stress in a situation and how much you do not.

Have fun practicing, and I wish you a wonderful relationship with yourself. Stay strong, be a lion and love yourself.


Peter Gastberger

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