Super Monday - Booster empathy. Four steps to organize the start of the week more enjoyable.

Some of us may know the feeling. At the weekend we are in a good mood and balanced, and on Monday morning, some people going to our offices or other workplaces in a very unbalanced and bad mood. Well, there are many reasons for that. More sleep than usual at the weekend, more regular food, or we just did what we enjoyed at the weekend. And above all, we spent our free time with those people we have chosen and with whom we like to surround ourselves. We are sure that these people are thinking like us. These similar thoughts and goals (when it comes to recreational activities) connect us to those people, and automatically we feel better.

At work, it is different than in our spare time. Is that so?

But in professional life it is different. Here we meet people we might not have met in life. We work with people who may have a completely different way of life. They may have other goals and concept of living. Even the origin of different societies or cultures can be different. Sometimes that creates fear in us or at least malaise. Because we have to work with these personalities, although probably everything is different with our team members. Therefore, many of us often hide behind the rigid structures that every company offers. And we try to use these structures to organize our life together more bearable.

But how can we create it in that way, that we also enjoy working with someone who thinks differently? Here we find the solution in ourselves, which we already have it. It is empathy. Understanding and accepting the other. Here are four steps for a better start in your work week.

1. Listen and do not interrupt: let others finish with their stories. You may learn something important that you would not have learned because you have interrupted and secondly they will have the feeling of being heard and understood. Then sometimes we just need the feeling of being heard. Learn to start sentences like "I understand", "that makes sense", but only if your words are honest. Then this words will have a huge impact.

2. Always assume the good intention behind it. Even if something does not work out, or if problems occur. Always assume that everyone is doing their best. And try to understand and gather missing information through conversation or self-study. Information changes situation. Always remember.

3. Celebrate every little success. The complete way to the goal is a sum of many, small steps. In order not to give up, or to get frustrated, because you can see no progress, it is wise that you and your colleagues celebrate every little success. With that, you create a positive common ground on what you can be proud as a team, and you will grow together, and you will look forward to the next common success.

4. Understanding the emotion of others. You are already a giant step ahead if you do the previous three steps for a better work-to-life together. But you can not automatically assume that others have also read this article. Always be ready to understand others behavior. Behind every behavior, there is always a hidden reason which has nothing to do with you or your work. Unfortunately, you do not know or recognize this immediately. You can only find it out in a personal, understanding conversation. So be empathetic and learn to empathize with the other person's emotional world. And this will automatically make you more understanding for yourself.

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