Sales with empathy. The magic tool for your success.

In times like this, where everything is comparable. A few companies have still an outstanding product. So, the rest has to usually score only with service and an excellent network of relationships. This excellent relationship between you and your customers is developed through the empathetic selling approach.

The sales are running behind

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in mind and emotions of others. Only in this way is it possible to better predict the behavior of individual people or entire teams (yes, even organizations) and to be prepared for it, to be successful in what you do every day.

Core competency empathy

Especially in sales and distribution, it is very important to put yourself in the thoughts and feelings of your client, the potential customer. Be always one step ahead of the customer regarding their needs so that you have a suitable offer tailored to their needs in advance. To do this, the sales must be able to foresee the motives and wishes of its customers. This is possible through empathy and is, therefore, a fundamental prerequisite for an excellent and successful sales process.

What seems simple at first, results in a fundamental paradigm shift in your business. But it pays off. Through empathic selling, they gain a decisive advantage over the competition, beyond your product and the price.

Five steps to empathic sales

  1. Put yourself in the thoughts and needs of your counterpart and focus your communication on emotional issues. And put the product features in second place.

  2. Be honest and communicate your sales and behavioral motives and thus create a basis of trust. At the same time, pay close attention to how your opponent opens up regarding buying motives and personal needs.

  3. Do not use standardized beliefs in your language that you do not know to be the same as those of your counterpart.

  4. If you are already a bit more experienced, you are talking in the conversation only in the personal value world of your opposite.

  5. Make sure that you communicate between the lines to your counterpart because this is the point at which your partner recognizes your authenticity. You show your true face.

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