Marketing inside - what causes intrinsic communication.

Updated: Nov 13, 2018


Intrinsic communication is sloppy, self-talk. These are conversations that have the benefit of either confirming or changing something. Basically, we're doing marketing inside. We sell ourselves, bad habits as good or we praise ourselves for something too much at it is in real.

Companies work according to the same principle. Especially companies that are committed to valuable know-how and good quality of personal performance. That can be the quality of service, special expertise or intercultural compilations.

It turns out that the company that does internally strategic marketing benefits from increased employee loyalty and lower personnel costs. Especially this is possible through emphatic leadership elements. This emphatic leadership style leads to a holistic leadership style in the interests of all stakeholders in the company. As a result, it increases the level of employee identification with the company. Motivated employees who identify with their business tend to think entrepreneurial, have better, emphatic access to customers, and strive to achieve business goals sustainable, as they understand them.

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