If you do not go into the virtual reality world as a coach/entertainer or musician, no one can help

Covid-19 changed not only the real world but also the virtual world. Many professions that rely on customer contact have suddenly lost an audience. Especially in those industries that are one-to-many, they are just going bust! Worldwide, self-employed people and small businesses are filing for bankruptcy.

But there is a way out! Where the real-world ends, the virtual world begins. Statista predicts that global virtual reality sales will increase to $19 billion by 2021. In 2019, the global virtual reality world already had sales of $9.6 billion. The pandemic will almost double sales by 2021. Zion Market Research goes further and expects sales of $814.7 billion for virtual reality by 2025.

For details see: statista.com

For 2020, the forecast sees sales of over $14 billion. There are currently twenty-four million users of virtual reality. What are you as a coach or a musician doing to take advantage of this trend?

Most of the 24 million virtual world users use it for video games. But 30% attend virtual live events, 30% use it for education, and 25% for social interactions. These three uses represent 85% of virtual reality users.

For details see: statista.com

Are you making use of virtual reality?

The first virtual reality empathy academy, Senses, offers you as a coach or entertainer access to this 85% worldwide market. And Senses makes this platform available to you free of charge.

You have a choice. Whine about your hardships because of the pandemic or take advantage of this unique opportunity. You deserve a chunk of the pie of this $800 billion global market.

It is up to you!

Please register with us and get a completely free, continuous presence in virtual reality in just a few hours.

All you have to do is contact us. We will do the rest.

You are still reading.

Now it's time for you to contact us.

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