Empathy and pride in the company, two emotions walking hand in hand.

We spend around 30% of our time at work per day. We use 20% of our time for leisure and spend half of our day sleeping and eating/body care. This also means that we are in communication with others for half the day. And mainly in our job. And often situations can arise in which we begin to lose the desire to work. But there is also a chance here to actively shorten such lows by more consciously approaching the work.

Communication is the helping hand out of the dark

Even at some lows, we are not alone in this world and our job. It is all about communication. And the empathy to our team/work colleagues. Understanding each other is an effective way to make the workplace a place we love to stay. But also the empathy for our actions is important. Are you aware of who is missing your performance when you fail? Are others aware of what you are missing if you have to give up their performance? With this awareness, the gap remains an essential component of satisfaction on the track. Feel the processes of one's own work and the impact on the emotions of others and oneself. Above all, be proud of your own effort and the performance that results from it. Then pride offers good compensation and balance for the efforts you do every day. And it pays off at the end.

Proud of one's own performance and others

We are talking about pride in one's own performance because that is the source. Be aware of what you feel when you have done a job. See empathy for your own doing and reward that of others. Emotions are also a very important factor here. But you can also be proud of the smile of the customer or the radiance of the colleague who signals us: Hey, you made my day! The pride that comes from the performance of others is worth the effort.


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