99% percent of all cartoon heroes sing a song before solving a problem. Why do not we?

Why singing changed our life in seconds for the better.

Our cartoon heroes usually sing before starting a solution for a problem. And that is not by accident. Singing helps us to focus more and to be in the present. When we sing, we first and foremost communicate with ourselves and in a matter of seconds we re-program ourselves to a positive attitude. Because talking, thinking, writing, reading and singing. All this is communication. Singing has incredibly positive qualities for our psyche. But even for the body itself, singing is a true medicine.

Not only for healing is singing used even in clinics or other therapy facilities. But also for the prevention of depression or just if you are not in a good mood at the moment. Those who sing regularly, stays healthy longer.

Incidentally, singing is one of mankind's oldest expressive possibilities.

Singing causes extraordinary miracles

What singing can do show us every Friday for over 10 years the award-winning "Singing Medicine Team of Ex Cathedra" for children in Birmingham Children's Hospital in the UK in a vocal performance.

The team has developed a special repertoire and ways of working to enable children with life-threatening conditions to participate in and benefit from the singing activities. Singing is a special activity that causes well-being and can stimulate or calm the body. This song games are designed so that children of all abilities and needs in an environment can make decisions in which they can feel all decisions through music. The project started at Birmingham Children's Hospital in 2004 and has been honored with the NHS Health and Social Care Award and, most recently, a Royal Society for Public Health Award for Outstanding Art and Health Achievement. The project has been delivered to Great Ormond Street, John Radcliffe, Warwick and Heartlands, as well as to Auckland and Singapore.

Statement of a team member is "We want to make a difference to children. Special moments include children who speak for the first time after a coma or smile for the first time in weeks. "

Singing makes us sociable and empathetic

And what can cause such miracles, can help us all in everyday life. Especially when living together with our fellows or colleagues, singing fulfills a lot of social functions. It brings us together and lets us communicate with each other. It promotes social cognition (because whoever makes music with others has to adapt to it) and the cooperation. Since one not only has to listen to oneself, but also to everyone else, singing makes one more empathetic, more able to work in a team and has a stronger sense of group. The music psychologist and brain researcher Professor dr. Stefan Koelsch from the University of Bergen / Norway says: "Singing brings people in contact. It helps to coordinate with each other. It transmits our emotions and supports social cohesion and identity. "

Why we have more success with singing.

Here are some facts about what happens when singing and why you should start singing immediately.

Singing makes you happy

That one, when one is in a particularly good mood, softly buzzing, we all know each other. But it is also the other way round: When singing, all the structures of the reward network are switched on in the brain. And so we are instantly in a better mood as soon as we start to sing.

Singing helps to amplify our emotions

In singing, the anterior part of the hippocampus is also active, which is responsible for attachment-related emotions. There, stronger feelings are evoked than, for example, by pictures, although the music itself is usually not the subject of emotion.

It is not possible to sing and be annoying at the same time

Our brains separate the two emotions so strictly that we cannot sing and at the same time deal with the anger we have inside us. These are basically different emotions that do not work together. Therefore, you should be annoying or sad. Sing or hum. At that moment, we immediately have another emotion.

Singing supports your health

Singing together promotes controlled breathing, the heart and circulation, and supports the immune system. The music psychology professor dr. Gunter Kreutz at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg asked choral singers for a saliva sample before and after a choir rehearsal and after just listening to a rehearsed piece. After singing the piece, the antibodies in the body were significantly increased. Especially the regular singing strengthens your immune defense.

Here are 6 tips on how to achieve more quality of life through singing.

  1. Find some lyrics (2 - 3 texts are enough) write them down and take this note with you.

  2. On the way to work or on other occasions, try to sing the song based on the lyrics.

  3. If you cannot sing loud, then find a quiet place every two hours where you can be undisturbed and hum one of your prepared songs.

  4. Prepare a song with which you combine very special positive moments.

  5. Join a chorus to sing regularly with others.

  6. Sing regularly with your family or friends. You can also choose a family or friend song to make you sing when things are not going so well.

The singing chain reaction to get started

Summing up the singing-chain reaction: Regular singing supports our breathing, it strengthens the heart and it boosts the intestinal activity. It keeps our circulation stable by regulating blood pressure. This increases the oxygen saturation in the blood and thus stimulates the self-healing powers. As a result, it relieves tension, provides balance and thus reduces aggression.

Have fun singing

Peter Gastberger

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