Co-Marketing Package


As you know, most advertising campaigns have very short shelf lives. In fact, many of us impulsively toss out our junk mail before it even gets into the house. Newspapers are gone in a day. Magazines are gone in a week. Online ads (pay-per-click) are fleeting and risky. If you’re a large company, you can afford to bombard the world with your brand. That’s how Fortune 500 companies build their brands. They pay huge amounts of money to plaster their name on virtually everything and anything.  However, small and medium sized businesses clearly can’t afford to “brand” themselves like that. It’s imperative that we target our advertising through media that offer a long shelf life.


Bottom line: If you could have your company promoted through a medium that not only offers years of shelf-life, but also the critical third party credibility with endorsements that you could never get enough of, isn’t that something that would interest you? What if you could have your marketing message printed in thousands of books tied to another non-competing and complimentary company? Wouldn’t that add value to your company in terms of a highly affordable means of gaining visibility and exposure?


People rarely throw out a book, especially one that was personally given to them by the author.


Now, you can leverage the credibility of an author by placing your advertisement in thousands of copies of their book, covering topics that relate to the products and services you deliver. The opportunities for reciprocal referrals are profound when examining the power of exposing your company within the pages of a book, written by someone respected in their field.


Our entire team at Black Card Books™ are very excited about our acquisition of Peter Gastberger's new book titled CHANGE and FREE Yourself: The Wheel of Life; The Ultimate Life-Changing Guide to Becoming the Best You Could Ever Be!


If you want to position yourself and your organization in front of professional salespeople and entrepreneurs, then this proposal will be very exciting to you.



Gerry Robert

Publisher, Black Card Books



PS: Since we are going to press very soon, we urge you to inquire immediately if this interests you. Typically, all spots are sold out the same week we launch this campaign.

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.